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In order to strengthen our middle class, grow our economic base, and support businesses, Mark will:

  • Reduce burdensome regulations on small businesses
  • Honor the dignity of hard working Americans and defend against attempts to strip away the rights of workers
  • Ensure our local workforce is prepared and trained for high-wage, 21st-century jobs
  • Support businesses that invest in their people, and ensure we can compete globally


Our national failure to control the spread of this virus means that Ohioans still struggle with their physical and mental health, finances, and childcare. To address this crisis, Mark will:

  • Listen to public health experts and medical professionals on tactics and protocols we need
  • Expand emergency relief for small businesses and individuals with loan guarantees, unrestricted grants, and other short-term financial instruments
  • Suspend evictions, delay student debt repayments, and employ other emergency measures to prevent a worsening economic catastrophe


Ohio trails most states in overall health, especially for women, infants, and children. Too many politicians in Ohio’s statehouse want to cut your access to affordable health care and avoid the issue of crippling prescription drug prices. As your State Senator, Mark will:

  • Fight for your access to quality, affordable healthcare
  • Lower the cost of lifesaving prescription drugs like insulin
  • Invest in mental health - especially for our veterans


Our legislature is cutting funding to our cities and townships. The statehouse is forcing teachers and school districts to bend to the will of the central government, all while we’ve gone overboard on standardized testing. Ohio leads the nation in student debt. And every year, our teachers are working harder with less. Mark is a proud product of public schools and he will:

  • Fight to fully fund our public schools
  • Invest in pre-K to make it accessible to every student
  • Prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to send kids in quality public schools to private schools
  • Support our teachers at every step with the resources they need and deserve
Mark and family at women's rally in Dayton

Women’s Rights

The pay gap, domestic abuse protection, access to health care, reproductive rights, and paid parental leave; on all of these issues, Ohio lags behind. Despite overwhelming public opposition, some lawmakers push draconian laws that restrict a woman’s power to make her own choices. Mark will:

  • Work to end gender-based discrimination, which costs Ohio women $30 billion every year
  • Support stronger domestic violence and spousal assault protections
  • Fight to defend a woman’s Constitutionally guaranteed right to choose

WPAFB and Veteran’s Affairs

As home to Ohio’s largest single-site employer, Wright Patterson Air Force Base is fundamentally critical to our community. Mark has more than 20 years of national security and economic development experience, so he knows how to fight for our base. As your State Senator, he will:

  • Work with state and federal organizations to expand the base’s missions in order to bring more jobs to Dayton
  • Expand on existing efforts to commercialize great ideas for the benefit of our local small businesses
  • Support his fellow military veterans and retirees, and be their voice in the Statehouse

Opioid Crisis

Nearly 5,000 Ohioans died from opioid overdoses last year, and Dayton is at the epicenter of this crisis. Every neighborhood, city street, and school district is under threat. It’s devastating our economy, swelling our prisons with nonviolent offenders, and dividing families. As your Senator Mark will:

  • Fight for the resources we need for prevention, treatment, and recovery
  • Advocate for our state’s Medicaid expansion, which plays a critical role in fighting this battle
  • Unite our neighbors to recognize that those addicted to dangerous drugs need our help and compassion, not our scorn

Gun Safety

As a responsible gun owner and veteran, Mark believes in our 2nd Amendment rights. He is also dedicated to passing reasonable, common-sense gun safety legislation that saves lives, and protects rights, just as the vast majority of Ohioans support. After our community suffered a mass shooting tragedy, we demanded lawmakers in Columbus do something. They haven’t. As your State Senator, Mark will work to:

  • Keep guns out of the hands of violent offenders
  • Implement universal background checks on gun purchases
  • Maintain sensible training requirements for concealed carry
  • Protect our men and women in law enforcement

Energy and Environment

Everything in Ohio from our drinking water, rivers, food chain, to the very air we breathe, is under threat. Most states are taking smart steps to address these problems, but not here. As your State Senator, Mark will:

  • Fight for energy policies that improve climate conditions while creating new jobs in our sustainable energy economy
  • Help Ohio become a leader in responsible energy policies, electric vehicle production and consumption, and natural resources protection
  • Protect our open spaces, waterways, and forests to be enjoyed for generations to come

Democratic Reform

Too many Ohioans have lost faith in government due to corruption, gerrymandering, and inherently broken political processes. This must be fixed. As Senator, Mark will:

  • Reduce the impact that money has in our politics by decreasing the maximum amount individuals can donate, and increase transparency requirements surrounding “dark money” groups
  • Ensure voting--perhaps our most sacred right--is free, fair, safe, and secure
  • Reduce gerrymandering by drawing fair maps that make Ohio’s political contests competitive
  • End voter suppression, purges, and other anti-democratic tactics

Equal Justice For All

This summer Ohioans joined together and called for an end to systemic racism and injustice. Decades after the Civil Rights Movement, we know true equality remains a goal rather than a reality. Ohio also continues to permit housing and services discrimination against our LGBTQ neighbors. As Senator Mark will:

  • Address the root causes of unequal health outcomes
  • Require new standards of training and accountability for law enforcement, as those who wear the badge, must be held to the highest standards of conduct and integrity
  • End Ohio’s amoral LGBTQ discrimination laws


PO BOX 751765
DAYTON, OH 45475


Mark served 12 years as an Active-Duty officer and fighter pilot in the US Air Force. He currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Ohio National Guard. Use of Mark’s military rank, titles, or photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement by the Air Force, National Guard, or the Department of Defense.