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I am Mark Fogel and I am running for State Senate because I want to bring experienced servant leadership to our state politics. 

As a young man, my need to serve and desire to fly meant only one thing: going to the Air Force Academy and I was honored to be nominated to attend by Congressman Tony Hall and US Senator John Glenn. At the Academy, I learned first-hand what hard work, leadership, and integrity truly mean. Beyond academics, I ran track, was elected a student leader, and became a peer counselor and advocate in the University’s sexual assault prevention organization. As a former Air Force officer and fighter pilot, I know what it means to put service above self. And as your District 6 Senator, I will always put people above politics.

Mark on F15

With hard work and the support of my peers, I graduated cum laude and earned a spot at Air Force pilot training. As a member of the first graduating class to serve after 9/11, the next 12 years as an active duty Air Force officer were the honor of a lifetime. While stationed overseas as an F-15 pilot, I deployed multiple times throughout Europe and the Middle East, having achieved my dream of flying and serving my country.

Along the way, I convinced my middle school and high school classmate to marry me. This beautiful, smart, and passionate woman is now the mother of our three kids. Being a military spouse is difficult: she endured 7 moves in 10 years and we were apart for long stretches. The longest was when I was gone for a year preparing and serving in Afghanistan flying tactical reconnaissance missions in support of our troops.

Somewhere along the way, I knew I wanted to go back to school and learn about public policy. I wanted to serve my community, just as I had served my country. In a short span, I was accepted to both the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the premier fighter squadron in the Air National Guard. As a full-time student I studied economic policy, legal theory, lawmaking, and more, all while flying F-15s part-time to protect the US East Coast as part of Operation Noble Eagle.

With over 3000 hours of flight time and a new diploma, my wife and I could finally come home, but now with twin boys and another on the way! Shortly after the birth of our daughter, my wife was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Like so many, we feared the worse. I was scared. But with world-class treatment right here in Dayton, lots of luck, and the prayers of our friends, my wife is now in complete remission. We know this is an outcome so many of our friends and neighbors can’t always celebrate with their loved ones.

A mother, wife, registered nurse—and now breast cancer survivor—my wife is throwing herself into healthcare advocacy and patient support. I am proud of her beyond words.

I give back today through my work, first as a proud leader at one of Ohio’s largest manufacturers. There I lead a program that recruits military veterans and prepares them to be business leaders. As a faculty member at the University of Dayton, I’ve taught in both the School of Business and Department of Political Science. I’m also extremely proud to be a Lieutenant Colonel and Squadron Commander in the Ohio Air National Guard, where I lead incredible young men and women responsible for HR, education, and training, professional development, food service, mortuary affairs, and more, for the 178th Wing in Springfield, Ohio. As people of honor and hard work, they are a reflection—and testament—to our community.

I have dedicated my life to leadership, service, commitment, and family. I am passionate about giving back to the community that has given me so much. Running for office was not why I became a student leader, victim advocate, fighter pilot, policy professional, businessman, teacher, father, husband, and engaged neighbor. Instead, all of those things are why I’m running for office. I’m running to serve my family, my neighbors, my community, and my Ohio. I’m running to serve YOU. That’s why I'm running to be your next State Senator.


PO BOX 751765
DAYTON, OH 45475


Mark served 12 years as an Active-Duty officer and fighter pilot in the US Air Force. He currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Ohio National Guard. Use of Mark’s military rank, titles, or photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement by the Air Force, National Guard, or the Department of Defense.